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Friday, December 12, 2014

A quilt, a coffee cup pegboard and 4 potted plants....

And the question is:  what did-ya do today?

Ran to the Ozark office to drop off this long overdue future keepsake.  King and then some sized to hang way over the bed.  Made with Kansas Troubles Cakes (thanks Pam) and the D-9 pattern.
Not bragging but my friend/co-worker loves it !!!

Narrowed the coffee cup collection down to 72!  Subject to revision.  Everything that didn't make the wall (or the kitchen collections- lol) will be gifted or  sold at the next yard sale.  It was fun revisiting many old favorites.  All these have been used over the years and made it to 'favorite' status and now retired to the wall in my glass/mosaic room.

Every time I visit Connie in Aurora I leave with something.  4 large pots of plants will be re-gifted to my girls as soon as I can divide and replant them.  Connie put the golf balls in the cactus to keep her cats from digging in there.  I don't have cats or play golf.

Monday, August 4, 2014

LEGO Lamp Shade wip

Lamp has been re-done to make the base more stable.  I also go to use up more Legos!

My attempt at melting small pieces for the shade.  Hubby didn't like the 'smell' so these came out of the oven early,  For some reason I like them better wonky!  Now to work on the frame and see if my idea will work before I melt the rest,

Took an old lamp shade and striped it.  Then sewed wire mesh to make a new base.  Look all over for my box of bias binding to use as an accent,  Even Connie did not know where I had put it for safe keeping.

On my hunt for binding I came across a pom-pom trim.  Wouldn't you know half of it already has the balls cut off.

Time to make another batch.

Trim is on and I used clothes pins to hold it tight at the top and bottom.  Jumped ahead and started gluing on the Lego globs  So far, so good.

Yes I will most likely add the pom-poms to the bottom and maybe even the top.!  I have always wondered why I have the red trim in my stash--lol

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A little creative-s from this week

Mosaic 15" scrap glass.  

LEGO lamp, I have always wanted to make one of these.  I might take it apart and stagger the base different.

mini blinds in the kids room, didn't really make a dent in the small toys at my house-lol

Monday, July 7, 2014

Lane's B-day/take to Camp Quilt 2014

Kelly helped pick out fabrics she thought Lane would like.  The blue, green, orange and yellow were all pulled from Stash.  Originally I was going to cut up the Spiderman fabric and make D-9patch blocks.  Plans are always subject to change.
 Piano keys are a fast and fun way to use up strips and add focus colors around a center panel.  I added a narrow white inner border as a siggy strip.  Now campers can write well wishes to the quilt as a keepsake from summer camp.
I have enough strips leftover to make the trim on a pillow case. (or two?)  Maybe a rug for his room?  Maybe another project needs to be added to my growing TO DO list!

Friday, June 27, 2014

McAurther Park and future bird feeder

WHO Left the Cake out in the RAIN?

Ceramic find at the thrift shop!  I clear caulked the top to the base (I hope it dries clear!)
Makes me wish I had a strawberry garden to set this in the middle of.

Any guesses on 'who' this will be re-gifted too?

Future Bird-feeder from a re-purposed hanging light.  I was concerned the birds would mess up the deck so good friend Deb H. suggest I have it  hang 'out over' the side.  

Purchasing bird seed is on my list of TO DO's
Not filling with bird seed might solve that problem too.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

B-day quilt for Becka

Grandkids are spending the weekend.  Last night they reminded me that a school friend is having a b-day party tonight.  Can we make her a quilt?  Of course!  You pick out fabric and help cut it into sqs.

 Every B-day needs a pinata, even if it just in the border.
Karlee picked out this pink daisy sheet for the back of the quilt.  I hope Becka likes her new snuggle under from the Willis kids----  cw

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Still Working on Yard part 2

Grand kids were over today and we found several bags of decorative stones and bobbles that needed a special place to go.  The ceramic ducks just keep getting added to the flowers.  I have so many ducks left I may have to come up with a different way to use them.  Too many yard sales over the years were getting rid of collections by the box full--lol
Now I have ducks on the back deck and the front yard and I don't even 'collect' them!