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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Willis wheel gets a work out

Grandson, Lane's 12 b-day  Pictures are of friends who are taking their first rides.  Quite a long line, Big Thanks to Uncle Ed for helping everyone on and off.    We purchased this two-seat wonder at an auction about 25 yrs ago.  It has gotten a lot of use over the years!

yardsale frames and a little cut cut ready to hang in the kitchen

  Now that I 'found' and cut out the veggies for this yard-sale find it is ready to get moved to the kitchen.  I used two different 8 x 10 prints of veggies and cut one in half vertical the other horizontal.  I then fussy cut around the produce and attached images to a blank piece in the frame.

This adds just a hint of color to my kitchen.  The frames are a bit fancier then I would normally like but they are growing on me.

I still need to take everything off the wall, fill holes and find a level, etc....  this may take longer then I planed for--lol

Friday, July 17, 2015

5 quilt tops in 2 days lot's of fun (and fabric)

Shouts out to my 'two quilt top holders'-  Thanks girls!

I have been busting stash this week.  Wednesday was a fun day to get together and match up fabrics for kid size charity/donation quilts.  Smaller strips of material were sorted for making one of a kind keepsakes.

Jasmine and Amelia pulled favorite fabrics for themselves and their younger brother Robert.  These three are the visiting grand-kids of a friend of ours.  Our grandson, Andrew made a top too but I didn't get a photo yet.

Don't fall !!

Amelia (age 10)  Her applique fish still needs sewn down. (top left)

Robert (age 7)  loves the fabrics his sister picked for him-- lots of baseballs

Jasmine (age 12)  never to young for a love of chocolate! 

Amelia had extra pieces she likes so we made a doll quilt and pillow with the leftovers.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Roofs and Sideing done- wow what a difference! Hail storm 2015 repairs

David's crew finished up on the siding work today.  The job was completed ahead of schedule and on budget.  Now we just need to clean up the yard.  lol
Garage got a new roof and siding and door.
South side of garage got new windows.

North side of house got new siding-  looks like a nice place has been cleared out for a future flower garden!

South side of upper level on the house got siding replace.  Big difference (The dogs are not allowed on the deck any more btw)

Hay barn got a new roof. too.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

new TO DO paint marker on ceramic

 I picked up a few yard-sale pieces while shopping in NE.  One set really needed re-painted.  I am not a painter--lol  The following is what I discovered I can do with paint and paint markers.
This is my 'before' shot.

Ta Da here is the 'after' shot! they are in the chicken hutch!

Wish I had a 'before' picture.  I bought this for $2.00 b/c it had fruit on it.  I am trying to decorate the kitchen in fruits and veggies.  There were a lot of chips and dings but I think this painted up nicely.

Ceramic decoration- not really my colors but......

I think I like it enough to hang in the kitchen after a bit.

more... chickens

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Scrappy Borders from gifted strings --Thanks, Dawn!

Dawn gifted me a baggie of scrap strings she picked up thrift shopping (Actually I don't know where she got them but the baggie looked like it had once had a tag on it--lol)

Wish I had thought to get a picture of the bag, this might have been more impressive if you could see what I started with!

24 (Twenty Four!)  String blocks.  Lucky for me I had a ton of 8 1/2 inch  phone book pages already cut out.

This is ALL the left over strips-  Seriously ALL of it.  Am I good or what?

I tore the paper off before I ironed and resized the blocks.  Left the pieces out to long and the cat found them.  OK pick them up again-  twice.

Love my Studio die cutter.  The blocks were sub-cut into 2 1/2" strips  Half were cut with the diagonal pointing left the other half pointing right.  I did not worry about squaring up the blocks before the sub-cut.

I knew I wanted to use the new strips as a border on an existing work in progress.  I auditioned a couple of tops and settled on this one.  More scrappy pieces that Dawn had given me from a friend of hers years ago.

Strips were 2 1/2 x 8 1/2  I had considered a braid look but changed my mind and went for a little scrappier look.

Thrown on the floor to check for missed seams.  Looks good!

Side ways picture of top hanging.  There is a little wiggle to it But I am sure it will all quilt out--ha ha

Love this scrappy border- Thanks again Dawn for thinking of me and sharing your scrappy finds!
Not shown is the new pile of crumbs  (I used almost all the strings on the blocks and now have a bunch of little triangle (ish) shapes from the sub-cuts- wonder who I can gift them too?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Belated B-day present to myself--lol

Painted several years ago by a friend's daughter, this beauty now lives at our house.  Temp. hanging on the quilt wall in my home office.  How much fun would it be to try this in glass or fabric!